‘Biggest Loser’ Contests are a Farce.

Yep- that’ right- I SAID IT!
First of all- notice how there are no ‘reunion’ shows- it’s mostly because after the show, VERY few can maintain their changes. the people gain it all back & even more! Its been proven that the notion of CICO ( Calories in/Calories out) does NOT work!
How MUCH weight you lose is not related to how healthy you are, nor to how quickly you can lose it.
Consider a ‘biggest loser’  contest at the workplace- A Prize to the person who loses the most weight in X amount of days… Someone weighing in at 400+ lbs can potentially lose 100 lbs. much faster than a person 50 lbs overweight.  there is no equity here.

While the metabolic process does not change, the metabolic, toxic and  condition of each individual varies.  There is NO common measure by which you can clearly determine who wins this contest.

It is better instead of a competition to work together in learning and achieving health. That measure will also be an individual metric.
It’s all about, feeling better, looking better, and being able to overcome previous health and fitness challenges, NOT about how much weight one loses.

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