Boost your Immune, Fight Cancer with your GKI

The GKI is a single number that gives you a way to monitor the state of your metabolic health. Tracking your ketone levels and blood sugar is a great window into your mitochondrial health and happiness.

Mitochondria are the little furnaces in your cells that make energy so your body can do it’s many functions properly. They prefer to run on ketones over glucose because ketones are a cleaner burning fuel source with much less “exhaust” than glucose.

Happy and clean mitochondria also slow down the aging process, which is the main reason why the fittest, healthiest people also look the youngest for their age.

The GKI helps with this confusion by giving you a picture of the relationship between your ketone levels and your glucose levels to make it easier to see where you stand with your metabolic health – especially the level of function of the cells in your body.

The GKI has been used recently by scientists and enlightened trainers for tracking weight loss, improving workouts, reducing inflammation and even reversing metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and different types of cancer.

In his book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease,” Dr. Thomas Seyfried suggests shooting for a GKI between 2 and 0.7. Seyfried uses the index in many of his studies around the ketogenic diet, fasting, and especially cancer since cancer cells can only run on glucose (and not ketones) for fuel, unlike healthy cells, which can run on either.

In general, anything below a 3 is a high level of ketosis (and low level of glucose), 3-6 means moderate ketosis, and 6-9 is a low level of ketosis. Anything over 9 usually means you are burning glucose for fuel and your mitochondria aren’t nearly as happy (and at this point, you aren’t getting any younger either).The best way to reach a Low GKI is through eating a very-low-carb/high-fat ketogenic diet but be patient because everyone gets there at a different pace.

So whether you are sick and want to get well, or you are already healthy and want to become superhuman (and “younger”), the GKI may be one of the best tools we have – even better than most blood tests (although you should get those too from time to time).

Measuring your GKI is really simple as long as you have a glucose meter (that displays mg/dl – like the units sold in the USA) and a ketone meter (which will display mmol/L). Then simply enter those numbers into our handy calculator on this page to get a snapshot of your present metabolic health.  Recheck daily!

This could literally shave years off your health journey so enjoy this free calculator as our gift to you and we will be with you in your journey toward optimal health as long as you want us there!

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