Cleaner Living

As my journey into better health continues, I find myself contemplating a cleaner, more natural process in every day tasks and methods.

While walking the other day, I eyed a man working in his garden. While working in the soil, he was wearing latex gloves.

Later that day, I went to my supplement store to buy iodine supplements in order to help increase my peripheral circulation. The iodine is ingested trans-dermally – 2 drops on your wrists and rubbed together. If iodine can be ingested this way, why not other nutrients? Magnesium, for example from Epsom Salts. Why not ditch the gloves and work in nutrient rich garden soil? Walk barefoot in the lush grass?  Your skin can then absorb the very same nutrients that your organic plans do.

The next day after our walk we got organic celery, organic leeks, and organic garlic in the supermarket, so that we could cultivate them. We also got bags  of organic potting soil and clean organic top soil. we sprouted the plants and put them in the ground a couple of days ago. That day, I also cut 2 quarts of organic scallions we had growing.- Very yummy in Bone-Broth!

Today I read that the Hosta Plant is a historic Japanese food. Marina planted SO MANY of these outside around the house- I never knew they were edible. That’s when the idea hit me: EDIBLE ORGANIC LANDSCAPING.  You will see many posts surround this notion in the future!! 

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