My (former) doctor told me that on the way out to the hunt, in order to have energy, early man would graze on berries and vegetation- this makes sense, right?

Not if you consider the extreme northerners who thrived despite the lack of berries, fruits and any real access to farming. How did these people survive and prosper?

Protein and Fat. 
Northern Regioners also historically suffered little if any heart disease.  On a diet of protein and saturated fats.
The human body can get all the nutrients it needs by consuming the right proteins and animal fats.

Doesn’t the Body need to consume  glucose for energy? 
The human body can live on energy converted from body fat as a source of fuel, and does not need the consumption of any carbohydrate at all.  Not even ‘Fiber’.
The truth is that the human body through a process known as Gluconeogenesis  ( creation of New Sugar) and natural development of the “Dawn Phenomenon” gives the human body all the glucose and quick-energy it needs, during any  period of fasting between meals, be it overnight, a day, a week, or even a month!

Carbohydrates ( Fruits, Vegetables & Grains )… are just not necessary- AT ALL!

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