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Back in the 1970’s, when the US Government released it’s dietary guidelines, basing it’s recommendations on the flawed  LIPID HYPOTHESIS , Fat of any kind became the enemy of the people. 
This led to the monetization and exploitation of this anti-fat movement by manufacturers and new companies, offering “LOW FAT” and “FAT FREE” foods.
Then followed separating ANIMAL FATS from PLANT FATS, asserting that Animal Fats were bad, and PLANT FATS were better. 
Then it got worse:  Manufacturers started creating FAKE FOODS like Margerine (bad because it’s a trans fat) ,  and Canola Oil ( bad because it is GMO, not Nature made), claiming it was better for heath because they did not contain animal fats.
As the food companies got richer and richer, the population got sicker and sicker.  New, un-before seen sicknesses and disease began to emerge. 

  • Ciliac disease.
  • Gerd
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes Pandemic
  • Obesity Pandemic
  • A Surge in Cancer.
  • Food Allergies.

These companies soon learned how to keep you coming back to buy more product by inserting unnecessary addictives and unhealthy ingredients into their products. Then even MORE added unhealthy ingredients to extend the products shelf life.  Due to these practices, we got more and more away from consuming whole, healthy foods, in favor of these addictive processed foods.

This all occurred mainly because of the Greed of Food Manufacturers, Drug Companies, and their donations to American Politicians.



A baby in the womb is fed a Ketogenic diet. 
A baby breast feeding is fed a Ketogenic diet.
They begin to get sick when they begin to eat processed baby food, and a lifetime of slowly (at first) progressing illness follows.



In order to follow a Clean, Natural Ketogenic Lifestyle, you do not need any potion, lotion, magic powder or pill, nor any expensive proprietary formula to “get you into ketosis fast”. 
What you need, is Keto Education. Learning how your body works, so that you can make the right food choices that fit into your culture, but still remain keto.




In a “repeat” of the “Low Fat” craze of the 1970’s Manufacturers are coming up with products that might fit official keto “guidelines” but are bad and unhealthy because they contain chemicals and ingredients that do not suit the best interest of your health, only the financial health of the seller.
Products that cheat or fool your body may work on the short term, but are not a healthy replacement for whole healthy foods.


KEEP KETO “FREE” and protect your health… 

 Don’t buy KETO JUNK.

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