“Who Moved My Fat?” ( Are you “stalled” ?)

Fat Cells are like “Hem & Haw” in the classic story  Who Moved My Cheese?

As your Fat cells are depleted of Triglycerides, they expect to be re-filled with a new supply.
They keep the storage space pliable and available by filling  up with WATER.

Fat Cells (in denial) :
“Who moved my Fat?”

“ There MUST be more fat coming, there has ALWAYS been more fat in the past”! “The fat will come back,  We just KNOW  it!” 

Eventually, the fat cells will accept the fact that there is no more fat to be stored ( we are using it to make ketones), the fat cells will then release the water and shrink from a grape to a raisin, awaiting the old Glory Days when fat was abundant.

This is when you will notice that “sudden” drop of weight, called the “Whoosh Effect”.

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